Director of Casino Marketing

Company Name:
PlayLV Gaming
POSITION TITLE: Director of Casino Marketing
PROPERTY: PlayLV Gaming Operations
STATUS: Exempt
REPORTS TO: Vice President of Casino
Position Summary:
Assists Vice President of Casino with developing monthly, quarterly and annual property level strategic plans and oversees various components of the following marketing functions: Direct Mail, Promotions and
, Players Club, Electronic Messaging, Entertainment, Group Sales, and/or Retail. Works closely with Casino Marketing to create exceptional experiences for our target customers within our financial guidelines. Perform responsibilities in accordance with all PlayLV's Company standards, policies, and procedures.
### Qualifications
#### Education
High school diploma or the equivalent.
#### Other
Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information.
Professional personal appearance.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to meet company's production and quality standards.
Minimum Qualifications:
1. Ability to communicate effectively with Guests, Team Members and Management in both written and verbal form. Must be very effective at both verbal and written communication, and to speak and understand English.
2. College degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field, preferred.
3. Must possess excellent communication skills, particularly those skills needed to resolve complaints from dissatisfied and upset guests and to effectively lead, motivate and develop a diverse workforce.
4. Must be able to manage multiple objectives and tasks simultaneously, and continually assess and re-set priorities.
5. Must be able to get along with co-workers and work well as an inspirational team leader.
6. Must present a well-groomed, professional appearance
7. Must be able to work a flexible schedule. Must be able to work any day of the week and any shift.
8. Must be able to respond calmly in crisis and demanding situations, particularly when situations involve customer or Team Member conflicts.
9. Must be able to forecast and reforecast budgets.
10. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, including but not limited to spreadsheet, word processing and
11. Must have extensive marketing planning experience. Experience of seven to ten years in the gaming industry, with at least three years managerial or supervisory experience in Casino Marketing or Marketing, preferably within the Casino industry working for a large-scale business with extensive multi-channel marketing and national reach.
12. Must be able to conduct business at the Corporate level with high expertise and confidence.
13. Ability to provide detailed reports to Corporate management level executives and communicate progress and goals.
14. Other duties as assigned
### Physical Requirements
#### Surroundings
move throughout the company facility for most of the shift.
spend time indoors in air-conditioned areas.
#### Sitting
for prolonged periods
#### Standing
for prolonged periods
#### Walking
n a regular basis
#### Bending, twisting and/or stooping
#### Kneeling and/or Squatting
#### Lifting
25 lbs to 50 lbs
#### Reaching and/or lifting overhead
n a regular basis
#### Climbing
#### Repetitive hand/finger movement
for prolonged periods
#### Grasping/grabbing with hands
#### Pushing and Pulling
#### General Expectations
Devote himself/herself to insuring satisfaction to customers.
Determine management, production and quality requirements by asking questions and listening.
Attend company meetings as required.
Maintain a follow-up system that encourages follow through with assigned projects.
Establish personal performance goals that are consistent with company standards of productivity and devise a strategy to meet those goals.
Review and analyze actions at the end of each day, week, month, and year to determine how to better utilize time and plans more effectively.
Understand the terminology of the business and keep abreast of technology changes in products and
Know and understand the federal, state and local requirements which govern the company's business.
Follow lawful directions from supervisors.
Understand and follow work rules and procedures.
Participate in performance management.
Interact well with others and be a positive influence on employee morale.
Uphold the company's non-disclosure and confidentiality policies and agreements.
Work evening, weekend and holiday work hours as required.
#### Job-Specific Expectations
Responsible for practicing, supporting, and promoting PlayLV's' "Beyond the Best's" Company-wide culture and demonstrating Championship Service Standards at all times.
Responsible for the marketing direction and management of the casino host and the Asian host teams.
Marketing and strategic planning experience and a proven track record in developing and administering a marketing program are a must.
Strong leadership and consensus building skills are also required
Directs the development of strategic and annual business plans for increasing VIP and hosted revenue from the different hosting business channels.
Responsible for the implementation and execution of these business plans in order to achieve desired revenue and profitability results.
Additionally, responsible for creating a "sales" oriented culture and environment that promotes increasing customer trips and driving VIP gross gaming revenues, teamwork, and unparalleled customer service and relationship building with our VIP and hosted customer segments.
Finally, ensures performance standards are achieved with regards to operating procedures, internal audits, regulatory compliance, and budgeted expenses.
Manage a diverse sales force with the goal of motivating, inspiring, leading and developing the best casino hosts who are driven to provide the best customer service and build the best relationships with our VIP and hosted level customers.
Responsible for preparing the annual business plans and budgets to ensure the appropriate focus and resources are in place to target and grow the revenue contribution from our domestic and Asian executive host and casino host business channels.
Play integral role in ensuring the proper marketing programming is in place to solicit customer response, from telemarketing, to special events and direct mail.
Responsible for regularly monitoring the competitive environment locally, regionally and nationally to identify opportunities and potential threats to achieving the revenue plan and key business initiatives for the hosting departments.
Controls expenses relative to plan, and sets policies that clearly communicates the reinvestment strategy and tactics targeted to PlayLV's VIP and casino hosted customer segments.
Establishes, maintains and controls department budgets for direct marketing, promotions, advertising and/or public relations
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