Chemical Engineer

Company Name:
Catalyst Recruiting, Inc
Minerals processing engineer
(Three Positions: Junior, Middle and Senior)
A minerals company in the southern
area needs both a junior and senior minerals process/chemical engineers.
Ideal candidates can work in/manage a minerals process and/or hydrometallurgical processing areas. Knowledge of crushing/milling, materials and fluid transport, basic chemical reactions, metallurgical balances, etc. Can also manage people and budgets. The person must be willing to learn multiple areas of the operation; not just be pigeon-holed into one spot.
Ideal background: Gold or copper minerals processing, possibly cement or other industrial minerals processing, chemical plant operation (such as trona, borates, lime, other alkali, etc).
The positions are flexible based in experience. Excellent training provided. No one will know it all - yet!
Key Responsibilities
o Comminution process engineering, optimization and management
o Materials transport - solid and liquid
o Create and managed metallurgical balance from start of process to end
o General process engineering project management
o Manage capital projects from thousands to millions of dollars (again, depending on experience)
o Quality management: quality assurance, feed and process quality monitoring, working with assay laboratories, etc
1. Degree in minerals processing, chemical engineering or similar. From junior-level (a year or so of experience) to senior level.
2. Experience in an appropriate heavy industrial setting
3. Must wish to work in an industrial/mining setting. Not a desk
4. Must be legal to work in the U.S.; no new H1B visas (TN/NAFTA ok)
Useful Skills
(As much as possible of the following)
1. Milling: crushing, sizing, ball mills, etc.
2. Materials handling/processing, etc: pumps, piping, heat exchange, etc
3. Environmental controls
4. PLC/process controls, automation management, programming, etc
5. Maintenance and reliability organization and management (RCM programs)
Must be willing to work in a rural NV area.
Please send resume to:

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